Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Decaf, Sharing, and True Love

So I was given one of those giant Hershey's Kisses.

I was thinking about chopping it to make chocolate chunk cookies, but let's be wasn't going to happen. Therefore, like all giant Hershey's Kisses, it sat on the kitchen counter.

Until I was on the phone while my husband was fixing some after-dinner decaffeinated coffee. For some reason, he doesn't really grasp the concept of sipping decaf by itself. No, he seems to need something—anything—sweet to accompany his decaf. (This does not seem to affect him when he drinks the regular stuff.) Anyway, I noticed he was replacing the foil wrap around my chocolate. MY CHOCOLATE! I wasn't eating it, and I really had no plans for it, but it was mine, nonetheless! The other shoe had yet to drop, though. After I got off the phone, I summoned up my snarkiest tone and said, "Of course, you can have some of my chocolate. You know I don't mind sharing with you, sweetie."

He breezily replied, "You didn't even notice that I had eaten some last night!" The other shoe. This was not his first pilfering of the chocolate. He then realized the great peril in which he found himself, and the apologies began. I actually didn't mind, especially since he shared. He didn't just share the chocolate, though. He shared that classic combination of chocolate...and peanut butter! (Crunchy peanut butter, even. My favorite.)

He loves me.


Dani said...

You can't find a much better example of true love than sharing chocolate!

I just read your comment at Dinner with Julie where you described your Gourmet Macaroni and Cheese. It sounds absolutely scrumptious! Any chance you would post the recipe? I was going to ask if you would email it to me, but that seems selfish since a good mac & cheese recipe is loved by all.

I definitely will be checking in for your dinner conversations. Oh, I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only one who goes food blog crazy! Isn't technology wonderful? In a matter of minutes we can go into kitchens all over the world!

Dinner Table Conversation said...

Thanks for visiting, Dani! I probably won't be making the mac & cheese until Easter. So unless I find some good picks from Thanksgiving or Christmas, I'll have to wait on posting it. Because it is so heavy & indulgent, I save it for the holidays or special occasions!

I'm glad we food-blogaholics aren't alone--so drop in anytime!

DTC's Husband said...

One vital step with this little presentation: nuke the peanut butter for about 12-15 seconds. Otherwise, most PBs would not serve well as a dip for the choco chunks.
Great.... now I want some.