Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Holiday Memories

I'm really looking forward to the holidays! Thanksgiving and Christmas--and New Years' as well--always have a lot of memories and traditions wrapped up in food. The aroma of certain dishes cooking just brings back memories of childhood. Some remind me of specific places we lived, or of times at a particular grandmother's or great-grandmother's gathering. Of course, those dishes also meant we were about to get together with cousins and aunts and uncles we hadn't seen in a long time, and we had lots of interesting things to discuss.

What do I remember? Lively conversations, laughter drifting from the kitchen, men cheering in front of the TV or doing some home-improvement task while so many hands were available . . . always accompanied by those tantalizing aromas from the stove, oven, crock-pots, and mixing bowls! Playing outside until our noses are so red and cold that we can no longer feel our hands touching them. The smell of fires from chimneys and the crunches and crackles of the leaves.

And now I'm one of the adults! Now I know why we so often caught the adults smiling wistfully out at us. Maybe I'll take a break from the adults in the kitchen and join all the kids in a romp through the leaves this Thanksgiving. Anyone with me?

Now it's your turn. What stirs those holiday memories for you? (The smell of burning firewood, or pumpkin pie--burning or not!) Or what are some of your fondest memories? Maybe games in the backyard, or a family blessing over the meal, or apples and oranges in your stocking?

Time To Set the Table!

,As I make my inauspicious entrance to the blogosphere, I have lots of hot topics to choose from! We've just elected a new president, the economic bail-out package is being considered, it is Veterans' Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas are swiftly approaching, . . .

Instead, I want to just welcome everyone who might stumble across my new little venture. The discussions may range from culinary to political and everything in between. Like everyone, I feel that my views are sensible and well-founded. I welcome discussion and comments, but let's all remember to keep it civil at the dinner table!