Monday, May 24, 2010

Making the Cut

I decided (very sensibly, I thought) to weed out the blogs to which I subscribe. I had unintentionally taken a year off from blogging, after all, and I had not looked at my subscribed blogs much in that time. As with cookbooks, I tend to collect FAR more than I could actually use! Surely there were quite a few that I no longer needed.

So, I took some time to peruse several of them, checking out who was posting things that actually interested me. And over the weekend, I think I have added about 20 more. (
Does it help or hurt that some were about organizing and simplifying your life?)

But I think I did manage to cut one.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

So Have You Heard the One About...

So have you heard the one about the blogger who slows down her blogging, then posts an apology blog explaining she is moving, but she promises she'll blog more often? You know the one—then after all that apologizing, she doesn't blog for a year?

Oh, wait that's me!

So what has happened over the last year? Let me 'splain. No, there is too much—let me sum up. We moved outside of Nashville into a lovely little home. My sweet almost-seventeen-year-old kitty loves his sunporch on the back of the house... spite of the fact that he now shares it with a new "free" kitten that was anything but free. (After being fixed, she had a reaction to the sutures, so we got antibiotics. Later, the sutures started dissolving and the incision opened up, at midnight, of course. A midnight trip to an emergency vet, a followup surgery at our regular vet, some good drugs for the kitty, and all is good now.) If you have seen "How to Train Your Dragon," then you know her personality—she's Toothless, but with teeth. And she can almost fly.

We actually have room now to host family, and we have enjoyed this. I have also returned to work full-time, about the time we started moving. Thankfully, the time change means that we now get home before it's completely dark...most days. Our little town has a springtime festival and a drive-in theater, and we are determined to enjoy it more this summer.

We've survived more snow than the state has seen in years, we've done some landscaping at the house (thanks for the help, Mom & sweet niece!), and we've survived what meteorologists are calling a "Five Hundred Year Flood Event." Thankfully, we had no damage, but our office was closed for a week. The area is truly pulling together as neighbors and helping one another. If you are interested in helping, the best thing you can do for Nashville is to visit! Do the tourist thing. The Opry Mills Hotel and the OM Mall are closed due to renovation, and they hope to re-open in time for holiday shopping. The Schermerhorn (home of the symphony) is also closed for renovations, but most of the other tourist attractions are open. The Country Music Hall of Fame, Music Row, the Parthenon, the Ryman Auditorium, countless cool boutiques, hidden gem restaurants and cafes, and more are open.

Apparently I am boring the kitten, so I will stop for now. (But I will post again soon—I promise!)